Latest News

  • 2/01/10
    AFSCME awards Penntex Group with a 5 yr maintenance contract support eMemberPlus product
  • 2/16/10
    PCB Apps, Inc., a Penntex Group company, became IBM Business Partner to help implement IBM Optim solution
  • 3/10/10
    Lutron Electronics awards JDE Inshore project to Penntex Group

Data Entry

In many cases, the most cost-effective solution for our client's data capture needs is traditional key and verify data entry services. Through systems developed over the past few years, Perk is able to guarantee our clients an accuracy rate of 99.9% for all keyed and verified data. Perk’s policy on total verification of data and commitment to a 99.9% accuracy rate has been the most important factor in establishing our credibility with our clients.

Perk Data Makers' approach to staff management is unique in our industry. Our philosophy is to employ a core staff of permanent data entry personnel who are able to process the repetitive workload and supplement these resources with temporary staff for peak periods and to meet strict deadlines.

We are able to manage our staff and workload in this manner via our Personnel Services Division. This division is responsible for staffing our data centers with the data entry and operations staff required to complete all scheduled applications. Perk’s Personnel Services Division is constantly recruiting, testing and evaluating experienced data entry personnel. At any time they are able to supply our clients and our data centers with skilled operators.