Latest News

  • 2/01/10
    AFSCME awards Penntex Group with a 5 yr maintenance contract support eMemberPlus product
  • 2/16/10
    PCB Apps, Inc., a Penntex Group company, became IBM Business Partner to help implement IBM Optim solution
  • 3/10/10
    Lutron Electronics awards JDE Inshore project to Penntex Group

Web Development

Development Methodology

Requirement Study
· Discussion with client
· Identifying target user groups
· Discussion with sample set of users
· Collection of related documentation / designs / reference material
· Research

Statement of Work
· Documentation of requirements clearly defining the scope of requirements

High Level Design
· Description of deliverables
· System Architecture diagram
· Process flow diagram
· Client approval of HLD

Low level Design (Internal)
· Database design
· User interface designs
· Data Flow diagrams
· Details of development modules

· Development of application
· Unit testing
· Prepare for implementation

· Integration testing
· User Acceptance Testing - User approval

· Perform data conversion
· Install production system
· Train users
· Rollback plan
· Respond to emergency situations
· User Acceptance Agreement

Post Implementation
· Maintenance support for application issues


The following documents will be maintained as part of the SDLC -
· Statement of Work
· External and Internal Design
· In-code documentation
· Test Plans
· User manuals (if required)

Design Document Components
· Architecture Diagram
· Process Flow Diagram
· Data Flow Diagram
· Screen Designs
· ER-Diagram
· Database design
· Report Design