Latest News

  • 2/01/10
    AFSCME awards Penntex Group with a 5 yr maintenance contract support eMemberPlus product
  • 2/16/10
    PCB Apps, Inc., a Penntex Group company, became IBM Business Partner to help implement IBM Optim solution
  • 3/10/10
    Lutron Electronics awards JDE Inshore project to Penntex Group

E-Com Application

E-Commerce is more than putting products on a web page. Work with someone who knows.

Dynamic catalogs, shopping carts, order forms - Perk is highly experienced developing and supporting e-Commerce enabled sites from end to end. We can even walk you through the process of setting up a merchant account, online credit card processing and any kind of B2B and B2C applications

We move at the speed of light. We can build a web-based interface that will give you complete, real-time control over all aspects on your online store that are integral to your business, such as making price changes, placing items on sale, charging sales tax and shipping, tracking order history and inventory, and creating and editing products.

Technology solutions

Our philosophy with respect to technology in web design is consistent with our overall philosophy of "keeping it simple". Our emphasis on strategy, and our focus on your customer, rather than the "medium" itself, forms the cornerstone of our approach to technology. We utilize cutting edge solutions to solve complex problems, but deliver it in such a way that the customer interacts with it in a purely intuitive way.Our delivery of technology services is flexible to the needs of the client. We will work in collaboration with our clients internal IT and IS groups, or technology partners. We offer full design and technology services to clients, utilizing our own staff, or that of IT services groups with whom we have established strategic relationships. By utilizing this flexible approach, we are able to solve technically complex situations, such as legacy system integration or the design and implementation of large database applications.

Information architecture

The development of information architecture is a critical building block in the deployment of a successful web site. At Perk, we believe the most important elements in design are listening, planning and preparation.

In order to effectively design the architectural framework for your site, we take care to understand such issues as your aesthetic preferences, information management needs and specific engineering requirements. We focus on your customer and are careful to ensure we understand your customers behaviors and preferences. Armed with this knowledge, we can than design a framework, which will accommodate your needs and preferences while "touching" your customer in a way, which will support your overall strategy objectives.

We create comprehensive and innovative solutions that meet our clients' business objectives.