Latest News

  • 2/01/10
    AFSCME awards Penntex Group with a 5 yr maintenance contract support eMemberPlus product
  • 2/16/10
    PCB Apps, Inc., a Penntex Group company, became IBM Business Partner to help implement IBM Optim solution
  • 3/10/10
    Lutron Electronics awards JDE Inshore project to Penntex Group

Fire Alarm Solutions


Fire detection and suppression, are absolutely paramount in today’s business and commercial environments. Fire is one of the most serious dangers that a business can face. Every year across the globe there are more many fires in buildings and around thousands of people lose their lives. 67% of fires occur out of hours when buildings are closed. 25% of businesses affected by serious fire never recover. Rapid response is crucial to stop a minor fire becoming a major disaster.

Constant attention is required to minimise the adverse impact of fire. Because of the speed and totality of the destructive forces of fire, it constitutes one of the more serious threats. Reliable and effective protection against this ever-present danger is essential.

Through our comprehensive, national branch network, Initial offers a full turnkey service, offering a one-stop solution to any fire prevention requirement. Initial supplies a wide range of fire detection and suppression equipment, including analogue addressable systems, totally networked systems and full graphical interface packages.