Latest News

  • 2/01/10
    AFSCME awards Penntex Group with a 5 yr maintenance contract support eMemberPlus product
  • 2/16/10
    PCB Apps, Inc., a Penntex Group company, became IBM Business Partner to help implement IBM Optim solution
  • 3/10/10
    Lutron Electronics awards JDE Inshore project to Penntex Group

Website Re-engineering

Re engineering services from Perk. Many large organizations have diverse applications that were developed in the 80’s and 90’s. While these web applications continue to support the business, there is limited flexibility in their design, making it difficult to these web applications to continue to adapt to the fast changing needs of businesses today. Additionally web site maintenance services issues stemming from older technologies, and outdated documentation, continue to make increasing demands on the organization’s Information System resources, and increase the cost of computing.

Perk offers you the affordable option of reengineering your application systems. We have the skills to analyze your existing web applications, and work with you to identify the latest technology that will allow us to re-engineer the application system, in an evolutionary manner, with minimal risk. The re-engineered application will be more adaptive to your organizations changing needs, easier and less expensive to maintain, have the flexibility to allow connectivity with “industry” standard software, and will still protect the investment make in the functionality and concepts of the “older” application.

Perk’s website re-engineering process is a complete makeover of your existing website providing it with a look that reflects the present, while enabling it with features and functionalities that are essential for your business.

Perk helps to achieve the business goals of it’s customers by re designing their complete website to meets and addresses your current market- and image-related requirements. We can also enable your website with interactive applications such as online discussion forums, online polls, live chat, audio and video services etc.